Mission & Vision


To actualize highly qualified projects, to be one of the first five companies in the Real Estate sector, to be appreciated with its actualized projects even after many years...


To act as a structure with working principles based on producing utility, to meet the ideal and the people who demand it and to create value for our customers and employees...


Our habits and social family life constituted the basis of our working model while following the global developments. 
Family life is crucial; we built for families, for humanity. We want people to live in peace. With our multi dimensioned experience in construction sector we built smart buildings which can update themselves when needed.
We do not decide according to the fashion of the day but according to the truth of future and we built the future in this belief... 
We don't act in a fashionable sense; we determine the "reasons" and decide the "requisite".
We aim to produce the best; we are investing for future not for today… 

Cornerstones of our common values: 

Not to compete anyone else : We believe in competition based on positivity and improvement.Our rival’s success motivates us and we’d like to add value to our country and people by doing better. Briefly we compete with ourselves in each of our projects.  
Growth Control                    : We want to grow gradually and controlled.
Growth without debt            : We'd like to grow risk averse, without hypothecating our future and planned.